Medical Assistants: A Case Study

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I support providing the best care possible to all our patients and the intention of this email stands solely for the purposes of indicating facts.

Firstly, the MA utilizes the needle and gauge sizes recommended by the manufacturer of the needles and according to the recommendation of the immunization web site. The medical assistant under went training by previous LPNs and RNs and every medical assistant passed the check off test. The 25 gauge one inch needle is great for giving an injection at the deltoid site, however there are many factors that one should consider such as; the patient size, the patient weight, and the type of medication administered. Going directly to the point, the medical assistant SHOULD NOT administer a Depo
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This lack of awareness on the behalf of both the CMAs and the providers can cause confusion I do not mean this in a negative way, merely stating facts; the providers unaware of the previous requirements and the medical assistants unaware of the special OBGYN templates that the new providers request. I propose additional training to ensure that the medical assistant clearly understand how the providers prefer the history as well as other data. Examples of the same information but different format subsists in abundances, but I will only provide examples for two. In the first example I will explain the history template, NextGen provides at least four different history templates, the history template that the medical assistant currently utilize transpires the template that you guys provided the medical assistant training on which works well for the providers on the Adult Medicine and Pediatric halls, however, the CMAs lack knowledge of the specific OBGYN history template because the previous providers completed them during their evaluation of the patient. The special OBGYN template does not open from the regular intake or soap templates, nor did the medical assistants ever receive such…show more content…
In addition, NextGen consist of numerous ways to task send and receive task, I propose additional training in regards to this matter for both the providers and medical assistants. The confusion comes from providers tasking assignments to all medical assistants instead of the medical assistant that should carry out the task. The medical assistants will receive a numerous amount of tasks daily unaware of the ones meant only for them. An example of how the providers utilize the task and how the medical assistant receive the task; the providers assign all their tasks in the waived lab assigned medical assistants which includes all medical assistants, this task option should only subsist for In-house lab due to the fact any medical assistant may have the lab assignment for that day. The entire process of ordering and sending labs transpires differently on each hall or provider; for instance on the Adult Medicine hall the medical assistants places the order for the labs, the provider review the labs add or delete labs, then the medical assistant sends the order to the lab. Some providers on the Adult Medicine hall task the AEL and Quest labs to the waived lab test task which comes to

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