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II. Various department and areas of Health Care Administration. Medical Billing Medical Billing is a payment method in the health system. The health provider has to follow up claims with health insurance companies like TripleS, Blue Cross, Medicaid, Medicare, etc. in order to receive payment for services. Medical Biller are also known as Billing Specialist, Accounts Receivable, Hospital Biller, Billing and Coding Specialist and Patient account Representative. To become a medical biller education is required that is having a high school diploma and associate’s degree in either accounting, business administration, or healthcare administration. The medical biller must have experience with computer system and electronic software due to the significant…show more content…
The line of work of a social workers involves helping families gain access to government assistance, humanitarian resource and counseling for people that have lost loved ones or are near death. They also help plan on how to make the community a safer and better place to live this is by developing public policies in large scale areas that will make a big effect in the community. The everyday goal of a social workers is to help better the lives of individuals, families or groups. As a social worker one must have a good personality and great communication skills. Social workers procedure is to evaluate the client’s health and their situation. With the information given and the client’s behavior this will help them perceive if the client is in need of medical or mental health. Also, they evaluate the client’s economic background which will help them determine if government assistance is needed. In a moment of crisis the social worker responsibility is to assist help and evaluate the client and the situation. This evaluation helps the Social worker decide what action will be most beneficial to aid the client. The government will provide assistance and resources to secure the client’s safety and health including medical and mental care. To be licensed as a clinical social worker in the State of New York one must be at least 21 years of age, good moral character and have an education (master’s degree). A Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) also know as a mental health counselor focus on substance abuse and addiction of clients. They diagnose and treat behavioral, emotional and mental issues. The goal of the social worker is to help the client fight the urge and find their inner strength so they can overpass the challenge they 're facing. The median salary for social workers annually is around $46,000 offering over 640,000 jobs around the

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