Medical Cannabis Effects

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Medical Cannabis is well known for helping people who have diseases and other illnesses. However, there are many negative outcomes to the amount of people who have access to it. For instance, many people take advantage of having a card, people also become addicted to the drug, and it does not just help people 's body it hurts it as well.

Getting the medical card is not hard, so when people have easy access they misuse it in ways like selling the drug to people who later use it for recreational reasons. Some patients who later get better find themselves addicted to the drug and that is when their real troubles begin. Although the patients taking the substance feel cured, they are actually doing more damage to their bodies especially if used
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These people are not only getting treatment but are also looking at damaging their bodies while using this substance. Short term users sometimes have the effect of feeling mild and relaxed while others, particularly naive users, report anxiety, paranoia, and panic reactions. (McGeorge Law Review C) There are long term effects as well such as slowed information processing, it may actually persist long after discontinuation. (McGeorge Law Review E) People who heavily smoke cannabis like some patients are at risk of getting lung cancer. (McGeorge Law Review F) It can cause serious effects later on in life. The earlier the use the greater the risk these young teens will have of getting illnesses.(McGeorge Law Review I) Not to mention it impairs your ability to drive almost as much as being intoxicated by alcohol. (McGeorge Law Review…show more content…
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