Medical Cannabis Research Paper

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Medical cannabis is an expanding illusion of appropriation to a drug that has been a leading problem in youth crime. The legalization of medical cannabis leads to an increase in “under the table” crime associations with the rug. Medical cannabis legalization also leads to legalization of recreational cannabis and the increased distribution of illegal substances to juveniles. Medical cannabis also is linked to a high increase in taxes. The difficulty of containing these problems when medical cannabis is legalized rises higher than ever before.
Medical cannabis is linked to many associations of crime that are considered “under the table” The legalization of medical cannabis leads to the selling of illegal prescriptions for medical cannabis. In
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Many people believe the legalization of medical cannabis will bring many jobs and economic opportunities. Although several job openings come with the legalization of this substance the hole that is punched in the economy counteracts the effect. As I explained before the legalization of medical cannabis increases state taxes by 30%. Counteracting the possible job openings that medical cannabis could bring. Some people may also say that medical cannabis is the only way to treat many terminal diseases such as cancer and epilepsy. Terminal diseases like brain cancer and epilepsy can be treated with a compound found in medical cannabis called DELTA-9.According to, “Delta 9 is a synthesized breed of cannabis that a THC compound is extracted from and used to fight against not only cancer and epilepsy but also 80% of the diseases medical cannabis is legal to treat”. When a state legalizes medical cannabis they legalize the whole idea of cannabis, from the plant to the social media 's idea of “stoner.” If you can treat these diseases without legalizing the entire concept of cannabis these issues of crime may be avoided. Scientists have been able to synthesize delta 9 THC without the plant itself. If scientists can create Delta 9 without the plant the entire idea of legalizing “weed” can be avoided. Delta 9 is in the process of being distributed to medical cannabis sites. A…show more content…
These states were engulfed into the common phrase “weed state.” Although cannabis is legalized for use recreationally there are still many rules to follow. These rules include: license to retail, possession of a minor, restricted areas, and many more. These rules are put in place to avoid the juvenile crimes that come along with cannabis itself. Cannabis in the underground market has now become more popular setting the stage for the increase in dangerous juvenile behavior. In that state of colorado a survey was taken among the Boulder City police department stated, “3 out of 5 police officers in the city of Boulder, Colorado say that the distribution of cannabis illegally to juveniles has raised by 60% since medical cannabis & recreational use of cannabis was
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