Medical Care Argumentative Essay

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The United States of America fails to provide to its own population something that no one should be without, proper healthcare. To have medical attention at one’s disposal could be considered as a requirement as sickness is often unexpected, no individual should be left without it nor have to have refused it. The availability of medical care for Americans should not be threatened due to high prices. Advancements and discoveries are constantly being made in medical fields and they are often too expensive for a multitude who need them to afford, and that is unjust. Thus, this is unfair and should be properly dealt with. Illness and disease infest the lives of many, causing fatigue and pain whilst draining them of their energy and fighting the…show more content…
There are many individuals who depend on medication or require surgery to live out the rest of their lives in peace or at all, who are unable to do so because of the expensive cost of healthcare. Unnecessary deaths and worsening conditions due to the inability to afford overpriced medical care as well as denying treatment if the previous is recognized. A study showed that in a year 1 in 4 Americans, being 80,775,000 people, deny treatment due to the fact that they couldn’t afford their care, and over 45,000 people die annually due to the same cause. Even with insurance, many are unable to afford factors of their care as it does not cover everything, and most have to deal with deductibles of over $1,000. This has been happening for over a decade and though widely known is getting limited mainstream coverage and causing others to turn to other solutions. There are many who have started go fund me pages, (a site that allows others to donate to a cause), and such requesting sums ranging from $3,000 to well over $15,000 to pay for treatment or surgery for themselves or a loved one. There are so many that are helpless and must leave their fate in others hands and more and more must do so every day just to afford what otherwise shouldn’t be denied. The greed of few greatly takes away from others, so much so it turns to be
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