Medical Career Progression

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Over the past few years, several experiences have shaped my pursuit of a medical career. As an EMT in New York, I have witnessed that many physicians are capable of neglecting the human aspect of medicine. They are extraordinarily skilled at treating physical maladies and can work quickly, with grace and precision, to reverse cardiac arrests or save the victims of major trauma; however, in an overcrowded hospital and isolated from the outside world, they are capable of ignoring the underlying social and psychological conditions that manifest as physical detriments. Moreover. while volunteering and shadowing physicians in central Maine hospitals, I gained an appreciation for the social determinants of health. I met many patients who suffered from chronic conditions that should have been very manageable; however, due to their lack of both insurance and health literacy, these patients suffered unnecessarily as their diseases grew out of hand and forced them to undergo surgical procedures that drastically…show more content…
As an attending psychiatrist in a teaching hospital, I will mentor medical students and residents and instill them with an appreciation of the human aspects of medicines as I collaborate with a team of medical professionals to deliver the highest quality of care. Furthermore, I will venture outside the hospital to address the healthcare inequities that are pervasive throughout our society. By organizing and participating in community outreach programs, I will work with multi-faceted teams to stress primary-prevention and improve both health literacy and access to medical care in underserved populations. In addition, through partnerships with non-profit global health organizations, I will travel abroad to developing nations and assist the victims of poverty and violence cope with and overcome their
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