Medical Caretakers Case Study

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Section-I: Statement of the Problem
In our country, where being a nurse is among the most stressful job, and kind of word they are doing make them more prone to develop multiple musculoskeletal disorder. And the most common type of musculoskeletal disorder is lower back pain. Besides that, prolongs static posture like stooping, bending, sitting, standing, as well as prolong squatting proposed to be associated with lower back pain. As these regular heavy weight lifting and heavy physical work to moderate physical activity is seems to be associated with lower back pain, in our country these work are done by the nurses regularly as their clinical practices and that’s why nurses are the more vulnerable group in health sectors to develop lower back
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• To assess the commonness of lower back agony among medical caretakers
• To recognize hazard elements, example and course of disease of lower back torment among medical caretakers in working rooms
Research Question
Are sure demographic, way of life and co-dismal variables connected with the nearness of low back torment among medical caretakers?
1.4 Hypothesis
1. lower back torment in medical caretakers will impact attendant customer relationship and make prevention in nature of consideration.
2. Expanding number of lower back torment among medical caretakers is specifically relative to the expansion level of wiped out clears out. 1.5 Significance
Foundation of the demographic, way of life and co-grim components that are connected with low back agony can prompt better arranging and execution of precaution measures against low back torment among medical attendants.
1.6 Limitation This study is limited to students and faculty of institute of nursing DUHS.
1.7 Definition of the key terms
Prevalence is the total number of cases of a disease present in a given population at a specific time. The prevalence of lower back pain among the nurses was determined by the number of nurses affected by lower back pain per hundred nurses, in this
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Therefore, the specialist picks a cross sectional study in light of the fact that the cross sectional study is the most ideal approach to decide pervasiveness. The cross sectional study is known as "prevalence study" and this can likewise be utilized to distinguish the affiliations. The most critical point of preference of cross sectional study is it need not additional time furthermore modest. As there is no postliminary, less assets are required to run the study. A cross-sectional study is an engaging study which giving a "preview" of the recurrence and attributes of an illness in a populace at a specific point in

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