Medical Case Study: Samantha Gelly Case

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Question 1 Patient : Samantha Gelly (F) D.O.B : 14/11/1993 Date : 08/09/2017 Samantha is a 23-year-old young woman. She had an injury on her right-sided head. During her soccer practice, she got hit in the right-sided head by a soccer ball. She stopped the practice after the injury and was conscious at the time. However, after that, her friend noticed that Sam didn’t look well and acted unusually. At the primary observation, she complained a continuous headache, nausea, dizziness and blurred vision. She has a history of a concussion 1 year ago.  Physical examination / Vital signs + pain assessment Physical examination includes inspection for signs and symptoms associated with the injury and significant history in relation to intracerebral

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