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As my time in high school is coming to an end, my decision for what I want to do for the rest of my life is coming closer. My career choice that I would like to do would be Medical Coding. The reason that I chose this career field is because all my life I have always wanted to do something that had me involved in the Medical field and although I wanted something in this field I did not feel that I would be suitable to be a nurse or doctor. Medical Coding relates to my personality in more ways than most of the other careers because it fits more to my personality and interests. I have always been a quiet individual who always minded my own business. I would always rather work by myself other than working in a group with other people because…show more content…
I would be responsible for ensuring that the medical providers are getting the correct amount of money that they deserve for their services they gave their patients (“Medical Coder”). “Coders earn an average of $35,000 to $50,000 dollars a year (“Medical Coder”)”. The more experience that I have as a coder the more money I will make. “Experienced coders earn 21% more than non-experienced coders (“Medical Coder”)”.The hospitals are planning to hire more coders in order to make sure that the billing and payments getting sent out do not fall because of the new coding program, ICD-10, they will be switching to in the beginning of October of 2015(Thompson).Because of so many shortages on people with the experience in coding, Medical coding jobs are in high demand (Thompson). With this being said the job outlook for me in this area is very good. If I was a coder I would be able to work in every type of medical facility including, doctors’ offices, surgery centers, hospitals and health care systems (“Medical Coder”). The more experience that I have with this job the more opportunities I will have to be able to work at home with either a hospital or a contractor (“Medical Coder”). This job has the highest percentage of women. Around 88.4% of this career field is made up of women (Shatkin). Medical coding is also one of the

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