Medical Compliance Plan

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Charfi Medical is implementing a compliance program to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse. This compliance plan has a mission of providing quality patient care. The compliance plan’s objectives are to provide a proactive program that ensures full compliance with all applicable policies, procedures, laws and regulations especially HIPAA. The HIPAA Privacy Rule creates a base of Federal protection for personal health information, cautiously established to avoid creating unnecessary barriers to the delivery of quality health care.
Compliance plan objectives:
Implementing a medical compliance plan limit our liability by reducing innocent billing mistakes and exposure to fraud and abuse allegations, which helps avoid governmental audits. It also helps
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Under HIPAA, a covered entity could voluntarily obtain a patient consent for uses and disclosures of protected health information for treatment, payment, and health care operations. Our staff will provide you with a consent form whenever there is a need for one, please make sure to fill it and return in before your procedure.
• Informed consent is the process of communication between physician and patient regard his/her rights in their medical treatment plan. It is also the process of communication to help the patient understand and undergo a specific medical procedure. Through informed consent the physician must give the following information to the patient: diagnosis, nature and purpose of treatment, risks and benefits to proposed treatment, alternatives treatments and their risks, the risks and benefits of not undergoing treatment.
• Implied consent is not specifically granted by a person but is inferred from one 's actions, facts, and circumstances. Such as an appointment with a physician regarding a complaint or giving the doctor permission to make a
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Charfi Medical, in our commitment to compliance will bill patients for balances that their insurance provider has determined is their responsibility. This can either be in the form of a co-payment, deductible, or co-insurance. We will pursue collection of these balances, and have a collections policy. We encourage you to contact our billing department directly. To assist in the understanding of the cost associated with the testing ordered, you will be provided the cost of each test on our fee schedule.
*Use and disclosures: We use and disclose health information for many different reasons. For some of these uses or disclosures, we need your prior specific authorization such as:
• uses and Disclosures Relating to Treatment,
• to obtain payment for treatment,
• for health care operations such as evaluating the quality of health care services that received or evaluate the performance of the health care professionals.
• providing patient PHI to our accountants, attorneys, and consultants who perform services on behalf of our patients.
Other Uses and Disclosures That Do Not Require Your Authorization are:
• Disclosures required by federal, state or local law, judicial or administrative proceedings, or law enforcement such as information about victims of abuse, neglect or domestic

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