Medical Errors In Radiology

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“Knock knock.” “Who’s there?” “HIPPA.” “HIPPA who?” “Sorry, I can’t tell you that information…” Sadly, no one has ever been credited for that joke, but that joke, while funny, also has some truth to it. However, HIPAA breaches and other accidents that can occur in radiology, are no laughing matter. Jim Lipcamon of the Diagnostic Imaging branch of Modern Medicine Network, referenced a New York Times article that stated, “it is estimated that medical errors may cause over 250,000 deaths per year”. Lipcamon’s article goes on to state that there are three main causes of medical errors, which are human errors, risky behavior, and reckless behavior. It is this generation of radiographers that needs to be the change. It is this generation’s duty to try to eliminate any and all accidents that can happen in the radiology department. Accidents such as HIPAA breaches, patient falls, MRI projectiles, overexposure, bruising patients, and personal exposure to gamma rays are all preventable “faux pas” that are more prevalent than one would think. All it takes is the radiographer paying as much attention as possible and being more aware of surroundings and situations. In the past five years, there have been at least two major HIPAA breaches in the United States that stem from radiology departments. One major breach, according to Erin McCann of…show more content…
A quick summary of a drawn out court case on stated that an unattended patient fell off an x-ray table and later sued Central Valley General Hospital. The wheels of the bed were not locked, and the patient was completely alone in the room. The article states, “It was not altogether clear just how the patient happened to fall,” but that does not really matter because of the simple fact she was left by herself and the bed’s brakes were not engaged. No patient should ever be left alone in a room by his/herself under any circumstance for reasons like

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