Ethical Issues In Medical Research

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Ethical challenges in the medical field Medicine is a profession that carries all the lofty human meanings, which makes it imperative for the doctor to act as much as the responsibility required to treat people and save their bodies from pain and illness, because they have a message not practicing craft , for doctor must adhere to the noble morality that preserves the dignity of the patient in a manner that ensures the best possible health care for him, and maintains the status of the doctor who is tired for the convenience of people. ' ' Dr/ Khalida Nasr : Medical Ethics, Action and practice ' ' Adopt the relationship between the doctor and patient as follows: Honesty and integrity mutual respect confidence Affiliation Mutual goals Goals…show more content…
Ethical issues have become complex and profound, requiring careful investigation to find the right answers. The time to present the content of the ethics curriculum has been the subject of discussion in many studies. • Medical Ethical Dilemma : Medical ethics are principles to which values and judgments apply during the practice of medicine . The ethical dilemma: The moral dilemma is a complex case that often involves a clear mental conflict between moral imperatives, which obey one that will lead to transgressing the other. Sometimes moral paradoxes are called moral philosophy, moral dilemmas are often called in an attempt to refute or improve an ethical system or moral law to solve the paradox (1) • To deal with an ethical dilemma : 1. Recognition of the an ethical dilemma situation • Identifying the problem is not as easy as it sounds • Ethical problems arise where moral values, principles or imperatives clash 2. Break the dilemma in component parts. Immediately when the problem is discovered, the next step is to collect and identify important information and ethical aspects of the…show more content…
Identify any relevant professional law or guidelines When there are ethical dilemmas can be resorted to: The GMC , The BMA 5. The subject of the dilemma of critical analysis. Some dilemmas need balance and are more cautious and listen to the opinions of patients and groups and if you are in doubt ask for help It is very helpful when you get into trouble to refer to a medical ethics committee for consideration 6. Be able to explain the decision with sound arguments. Do not expect to be non exhaustive but work reasonably and be able to justify and expect you to solve the moral dilemmas of one direction and yet work that coincides with those good positions to engage in those situations where moral dilemmas confront the recording of medical observations with illness or colleagues and also refer to any petition Professional and medical advice and legal bodies are recorded in the notes In this way there is logic behind the decision (2) To Teach Medical Ethical • lectures • Seminars • Programmed, simulated patients • Role playing • Video interviews • Case

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