Medical Experience In Life

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I was born to a world full of physicians. Almost everyone in my family are physicians, specialized in different areas. I was exposed to hospital settings from at a very young age. I had the opportunity to interact with people and understand their experiences by observing them carefully while waiting my parents to finish work. It was fascinating yet touching having the opportunity to interact with many patients and see their to get well soon. My father is a gynecologic oncologist, so he is working with cancer patients, which have always been extra poignant for me, because these patients’ struggle for survival and hope in their eyes are different from anything I have seen before. Throughout my childhood, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the successes of a doctor’s relationship with his/her patients, some administrative understanding of a hospital setting and gained some knowledge of medical terms. However, as entering adulthood, I was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and that was the moment which I was actually able to look to the medical world and hospitals from the patient’s side. It was totally different from what I thought.
First of all, the physical conditions of the hospital and how good things run is more important in patient’s satisfaction than I thought. Although I have seen many different hospital, ranging in their physical
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Since my parents are both doctors, my doctor was instructing my parents in detail before me, although I was older than eighteen years old. This was something that I hate. I believe that the physician should directly and clearly communicate with the patient if he or she is at age of understanding everything without involving third party. Thirdly, the doctor’s psychological approach can make a big comforting effect. It can give more psychological support than one can
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