Medical Experiments During The Holocaust

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“Women are sterilized in the surgical ward. What difference does it make since none of them will return, since none of us will return.” - Charlotte Delbo Doctors are supposed to be the bearer of life. They are the healers. When sickness befalls a person doctors are called to relieve the patient’s suffering and pain. Test subjects of the Holocaust, were murder. The humans that were cruelly, murder are never coming back to their families. During the Holocaust, numerous amounts of experiments were conducted on humans. Experiments were conducted in various concentration camps. Different medical experiments were conducted by different doctors. Some of the main experiments that were conducted during the Holocaust were: freezing/ hypothermia, genetics, sterilization, which all ended with horrific murder.…show more content…
Men were the test subjects. German soldiers were dying of hypothermia and weren’t prepared for the cold. The doctors that conducted the experiments on the men were Dr. Sigmund Rascher and Dr. Rascher at Birkenau, and Auschwitz. The freezing experiments were done in two different test, freezing and reviving the body. The first part of the experiment was to establish how long it takes for the body temperature to lower to death. The second experiment was strap them to a stretcher and place them outside naked. After the bodies were frozen and dead, doctors would find the best way to revive the frozen body. Men were put in a tub that had freezing water or naked outside in temperatures below zero. When the men were put in the tub, it was the fastest way to drop the body temperature. As the body temperature dropped lower men would lose consciousness and died with a body temperature reached 25
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