Medical Experiments During Ww2

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Did you know that some prisoners in concentration camps during WWII were subjected to serious, and sometimes fatal medical experiments done on them? There are three different categories of medical experiments. These experiments were only done to help the Nazis survive during that time. Hitler was originally the one who gave the german physicians permission to do these horrific experiments on innocent people. The first category is aimed at making it easier for their military personnel to survive. They did high altitude experiments on the prisoners. They used a low pressure chamber used to determine the highest altitude from where crews could parachute to safety from a damaged aircraft. They also did what they called “freezing” experiments. They were doing these experiments, to try and find ways to treat, and prevent Hypothermia. This is only the beginning of the dangerous experiments, that they did on some of the prisoners. The second category was focused on testing and developing medicines to help treat injuries that german soldiers receive while in the field. These experiments were…show more content…
Hitler tried to do these experiments at every concentration camp,that he possibly could. The most unliked of all the experiments was done on twins, and gypsies. They did the ideological experiments, mainly on gypsies. They were trying to figure out how the different “races” reacted to the experiments done on them. This personally I thought was the horrific out of all of them. This research paper has opened my eyes and moved me. I was not aware of the horrific and disturbing events that the unfortunate individuals went through.My hope in sharing this information with you is that will also open your eyes and enlighten you on how our world is and what so many went through so that we don’t have to. It’s so unfortunate that families were torn apart due to the sick thoughts of one
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