Medical Imaging Technologies Case Study

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I. Statement of the problem Management Mastery concerning fresh career engagement of Ms. Grace Hart towards Medical Imaging Technologies Sales. II. Background of the case Seeking for a new sales Manger the Medical Imaging Technologies desired Ms. Grace Hart who knowingly was only seven years out of university that came from Digital Medical Instruments (DMI) as a sales manager to become their own in their top five regional, It was a major league for Ms. Hart. Ms. Hart having a great exposure towards Medical imaging equipment it was an advantage in her new fieldwork yet it was strange for her regarding the specifics of Medical Imaging technologies’ product line or customers, specifically many of the sales force scoping the 60 sales people…show more content…
Hart who influences the organizational factors such as the Goals that are the main focus of the firm, where the objectives are the key factors to achieve the said goals. Many other factors that concern in the Internal Factors are the Human resource where Ms. Hart will have the capability to build effective teams and expound on the must actions that are expected in ways of influencing her fellow subordinates, with this she may inspire more meaningful ways with other industries or even new possible customers in the Medical Imaging Technologies. A Financial Resource is one of the main pillars that supports the company’s life and this is the strength that influences many aspects of its customer relationship initiatives. Financial Resource also play a big factor in developing or providing a new value-adding products such as new innovations and more technical approach that can lead to the firms best capability and reach its highest potential in…show more content…
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