Methodological Issues In Mental Health

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Some methodological issues and challenges that are unique when it comes to medical issues in mental health are sometimes hard to understand or explain. The main issue is having funds to do the research. We see constant budget cost and smaller budget allocations in mental health and many federally funded programs are being completely changed or cut. Some are harshly reduced, and the relationship between government and private sector providers is being readjusted (Inouye, 1983; Klerman, 1974). Therefore, new research on the effectiveness of mental health services have brought more challenges to researchers because off budget cost and approval of research We have seen this change more in the science research field. We have seen the behavior…show more content…
The authors talk about concerns that are ignored when it comes to clinical psychology research. Glasziou & Hayenes (2005) write, “In recent years, the notion that psychologists deliver “health care” rather than just “mental health care” has taken hold in our field.”(Mayer, 2004; Straus, Richardson, Glasziou, & Haynes, 2005) I believe that the authors that I mentioned on paragraph three would probably criticize EMP because their focus is on finding new research on older adults that suffer from anxiety and they easily find better treatments because they focus on anxiety that calms the nerves and not all patients. We have seen this over and over that most doctors just prescribe medication to get rid of the patient and continue with the next one because they do not have enough knowledge. It seems that the new research focuses on new medications to help on health care and do not focus on the mental health issues that could be causing people to have health care problems like anxiety. It sounds like, “ what the next new drug to calm a person” leaving them in a mental state with no feelings and put in a clinic to be watched because they can’t take care of…show more content…
(Brendtro, Doncaster, &Mitchell, 2011,p.4) The times have changed we see more therapist working with patients without the use of medications and focusing on the patients feeling and thoughts. I find that to be good because who wants to take bottles and bottles of medications that have side affects that affect other parts of the body or organs. It was been shown that when the patient talks to therapists the patients does better. When it comes to evaluating more research I believe this kind of therapy can help researchers find more evidence or research to show that we do need more therapy to help patients get better. When we find therapy in ourselves we are less stressed. Why would we not do better when we seek professional therapy

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