Medical Malpractice Case Summary

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The Due to the many medical dysfunctions that happened while Dr. Moe Mathis was in charge, this physician faces a major accusation of medical malpractice. However, when the physician saw the possible mistake he did in identifying Mr. Swensen’s medical condition, he decided to do justice by himself and falsify the medical reports for prostate cancer by doing a second cross-check of the prostate. But, what he did was use the prostate of another patient who indeed had prostate cancer at a similar stage as the initial diagnoses of Howard Swenson. This constitutes Fraud, and conspiracy to commit fraud, which is a major offence and moreover committed by a trusted, and respected medical professional. Additionally, by removing the prostate of a dead patient to use it to change Mr. Swenson’s medical reports, Moe violated a human corpse, and this constitutes desecration of a human body. In addition to this, to confirm his hypothesis that Mr. Swensen died of an insulin shock Dr. Mathis retrieved vitreous humor (serum) from the eyes of the dead patient’s corpse, without the consent of his family, and next of kin. This constitutes another case of desecration of a human body. The greatest accusation that Dr. Mathis faced was that of first-degree murder for the death of Dr. Ray Mosdell. Since, Dr Mosdell helped Mathis cover-up the mistake made in…show more content…
Mathis’s nurse, she will be charged for her actions. However, there is an issue regarding her sanity, and whether she could be considered fully “compos mentis’’ for she acted in a psychotic and quite an irrational way. Her need for vengeance and clear apathy towards the patients that she deliberately hurt show an unstable and almost sociopathic behavior. It was also discussed that Diane suffered from a postpartum depression after giving birth to her youngest child. This suggests that she was not in a stable psychological state and challenges whether she should be judged as a fully conscious
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