Medical Marijuana Proposal Essay

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Proposal. I made the choice to say that Eastern Michigan University should allow medical marijuana. I noted the facts about drug addiction and the drugs that gave off serious side effects. I made the choice to go over second hand smoke and Eastern Michigan’s policy against tobacco. I explained to people what marijuana was, how It was used, and the main effects of using marijuana. I made a choice to tell people what medical marijuana really is, and how i actually helps people. I made the choice to pick Eastern Michigan University to be the university that allows medical marijuana because I go there and it only takes 1 school to set a trend. If I could do something different I would probably go more broadly and say every public university in…show more content…
The main reason is probably because it’s illegal in most places. If all drugs were legal there would be a lot less crime, but at the same time a lot more drug addicts messing themselves up, but if only the drugs that were cleared and checked medically were allowed everywhere and to everybody than the crime rate would honestly go down. I feel as a young African American male growing up in the city of Detroit Michigan people have already set up obstacles based on my appearance and where I come from. I want to show people that everything doesn’t always have to lead to something bad, an example is medical marijuana. There has been a lot people that has gotten into a lot of trouble just because they smoked marijuana and have been caught. There is a famous saying that marijuana users that the most dangerous part about having or using marijuana is being caught with it. I feel as if there should be no punishment for marijuana rather it is medical or recreational use unless it puts others at a direct risk. An example of a direct risk is someone driving under the influence of marijuana, like most drugs when you smoke marijuana you are not in the same mindstate as if you were normal, some things you can’t control that you do. However if the user of the substance isn’t putting anyone else at a direct risk of safety there should be no penalty because why does what someone do in there spare time concern you

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