Medical Marijuana Research Paper

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Imagine having an incurable disease and no way to cope with the pain, well this is the case for many Americans and their problems can be solved with marijuana. Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado it has decreased the amount of opioid related deaths. Medical marijuana has many great attributes such as its ability to safely and effectively help people with symptoms of cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, and epilepsy. There are many non smoked ways to consume marijuana, such as in cooking oils, butter, foods, and from vaporizers. If the marijuana is regulated by the FDA it will be safer because there is no chance of it being laced with anything. The human body can only overdose on synthetic marijuana so not to say it 's harmless , but it is less dangerous than other drugs or even cigarettes. In 2017, Colorado made $247,368,473 on marijuana tax let alone all the tax on products related to ingesting marijuana. I believe marijuana should legalized , but regulated in smaller amounts and have a tax to help support the state. This information was gathered from and Marijuana is no stranger to Americans, 52% of Americans admit to using the drug. More people in America have smoked marijuana than are left handed. So if people are already using marijuana why not just legalize it and tax it to help improve things throughout the state. A huge problem in the United States
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