Medical Model Of Disability

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In this report I will discuss both the Social and Medical Models, define their pros and cons and give a short reflection on my own opinion of the two models in everyday use today.
Both the medical and the social models of disability describe how they see disability and how they feel disabilities and those suffering should be treated. Both models have very different views on the causes of, how disabilities should be taken care of and by whom and both have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to caring for those with disabilities.
Medical Model
As the name suggests The Medical Model of disability mainly looks at the many varying causes of disabilities and searches for treatments within a structured, procedural and, some would say, very clinical manner.
The Medical Model finds issues though rigorous testing done by specialists and relies on a definite diagnosis of a patient who can then be treated with medical and rehab.
It places disability in the category of an illness or an incapacity and can be very broad in its thinking. “With the medical model, the ‘problem’ is seen to lie with the person with the disability” and “the person is seen by this model as abnormal and remains so until the condition is cured” (E. Flood, 2013)
The Medical Model looks at diagnosing problems they believe can be then medically treated and, further down the road, they look at rehabilitating ‘sufferers’ through medical means.
• “The most positive thing about the medical model
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