Phelps County Regional Medical Center Case Study

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In 1998, Phelps County Regional Medical Center (PCRMC) determined there was a real need for the patients of the area to have safe, reliable transportation to and from their medical appointments. Originally, the Auxiliary and Volunteer Services Department funded the creation of the program, but today the Patient Transportation Fund is housed under the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation. This fund provides transportation to PCRMC patients within a 30-mile radius so they get the necessary health care appointments and treatments needed.
The Outside Patient Transportation Department (OTS) drove 159,987 miles in 2017 to pick up and deliver patients to their necessary medical appointments. The program is a critical aspect for many patients to receive the care they need from
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Mark Stevenson has driven part-time for OTS for the past two years and did not realize the amount of people without transportation before he started driving. Recently, Mark started driving patients in the Waynesville area to the PCRMC Waynesville Medical Plaza in addition to the patients traveling to PCRMC.
“These people need the transportation because they have no other way to get to their appointments. Especially when a doctor tells them they are unable to drive for medical reasons. They are not able to drive anymore. A taxi ride can be $8-$10 for one ride and if you have to come five to six times a month, which adds up. Some people do not have that available in their budget. It is amazing that we can help them,” says Mark.
Recently, Connie Jones started riding with OTS after her recent knee replacement surgery.
"I had my knee replacement surgery on the 8th of January and about a week later I started physical therapy. I have to go three times a week for the next three months,” says Connie Jones. “I had never used the service before my surgery and arranged it since I am unable to drive. My son takes me sometimes, but the majority of the time they come pick me up. They are
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