Medical Negligence Claims

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Why There Are a Large Number of Medical Negligence Claims? A medical negligence also named formally the same as medical malpractice is a circumstances where the patient needs medical care but could not obtain it either as a result of the inaccessibility of the physician in the good time, using the wrong medication by the doctor that may contribute to disability or fatality of the patient, the physician may not make a diagnosis of the disease as it should be, the treatment furnished by the doctor has produced unfavorable effects to the patient or the treatment provided by the doctor is sub standard. Reasons that contribute to medical negligence Medical negligence comes into existence if the patient is caused harm by a physician, nurse or hospital by way of out of order…show more content…
• The physician has suggested the wrong size of medication to the patient or the prescribed amount of medicine may be right but the nurse has given a wrong one. • The physician may have provided a high amount of sleeping drug to the patient without realizing his/her medical record or have not tell the patient about safety tips that can be considered. • The physician has employed substandard equipment or equipment during surgical operation. • All the way through surgery, the physician has treated the wrong side or could not take certain instruments out of the body. If a patient or suffered person experience medical negligence, the reason of bringing a compensation claim is not to safe him/her for what they are obliged rather the objective is to recover what a person gets damages in the shape of unemployment or loss of business that can contribute to loss of income according to the extent of the injuries and negligence that he/ she has dealt with. Seeing as the serious injury can affect the victim 's life to great extent, medical negligence compensation can be helpful for a person in the current medical treatment or
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