Medical Negligence In Medical Profession

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Medical Profession is one of the oldest profession and most humanitarian one. Doctors in India are treated as second life savers after God. The standard of care from doctors and hospital authority is expected to be more in comparison with other cases of negligence. So proper care must be taken by the authorities and the doctors side to avoid medical negligence.
Any negligence by an act or omission of a medical practitioner in performing his/her duty is known as medical negligence. Medical negligence happens when the medical practitioner fails to provide the care which is expected in each case thus resulting in injury or death of the patient.
It is important to know what constitutes medical negligence. A doctor owes certain duties to the patient who consults him for illness. A deficiency in this duty results in negligence. A basic knowledge of how medical negligence is adjudicated in the various judicial courts of India will help a doctor to practice his profession without undue worry about facing litigation for alleged medical negligence.
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Lately, Indian society is experiencing a growing awareness regarding patient 's rights. This trend is clearly discernible from the recent spurt in litigation concerning medical professional or establishment liability, claiming redressal for the suffering caused due to medical negligence, vitiated consent, and breach of confidentiality arising out of the

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