Medical Office Administration Case Study

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Managing The Business Side of Healthcare: Medical Office Administration and Management Degree

Do you have a knack for administration and management, but a passion for the healthcare industry? If so, a medical office administration and management degree could help prepare you for your ideal job. Medical institutions all have a need for capable people to ensure everything runs smoothly and that high quality healthcare services are provided. From administrative tasks to managing staff or finances, there are many aspects to jobs in this field. By ensuring that everything at the facility is running smoothly you can make it easier for doctors and other healthcare professionals to do their jobs. Whether you end up running a single department, a large
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The knowledge and skills gained from this type of degree is suitable for those interested in working as medical receptionists, medical office specialists, office managers and other similar jobs. Required courses may include medical terminology for healthcare professionals, pathophysiology and pharmacology, healthcare systems and operations, as well as ethics and health information management. Completion of this degree might also require a research project or internship. It usually takes about two years to complete this type of…show more content…
Most students who complete this type of degree go on to work in the medical industry at institutions such as hospitals, clinics, medical offices, laboratories and home health care agencies. However, there are also positions in related industries, such as medical supply manufacturers and insurance claims processors that may be open to people with this type of degree. Jobs range from medical records clerk and medical office assistant to medical secretary, medical administrative assistant, medical clerk and more.

What Type of Duties Might I Have When Employed In This Field?

When working in medical office administration and management your duties might vary depending on your job description. Generally, your days may involve greeting and checking in patients, managing medical information, scheduling appointments, ordering supplies, communicating with insurance companies, maintaining patient records, inputting patient intake forms and other administrative tasks.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn When Working In This

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