Medical Park Case Study

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Mr. Charles Holloway asks me to go with him to 3 Medical Park Garage to discuss the parking issue with PHR’s staff members. Upon my arrival to 4B, Mrs. Tammy Sutton drove up at a fast speed and parked. She got of the vehicle and grab Mr. Holloway wrist then walk over to Mr. Murdock and Huggins. Mrs. Sutton stated that she park in the resident space for over two years and never been an issue, she stated she was the on call nurse and her times at work vary. Then Mr. Holloway explains that she cannot park in patients, visitors, Physicians, and Resident park space any time. Mr. Murdock did let her know that she was wrong to park in a resident space, and asked her did she talk to her supervisor, she said yes. Mrs. Sutton stated she have permission
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