Medical Report: Freezing Experiments On The Eastern Front

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Medical Report #1: Pre Experiment Report We divided all of our experiments into three sections; the first category’s experiments are aimed at the survival of Axis military personnel. The second category tests pharmaceutical products and treatments for injuries and illnesses that people experienced in the field. The third category is to spread Nazi ideology. We have been using the prisoners, such as homosexuals, Jews, and Soviet prisoners as test subjects for our experiments. The experiments are going to be conducted under the supervision of Dr. Sigmund Rascher at the camps of Dachau, Birkenau, and Auschwitz. Medical Report #2: Freezing Experiment (1) We are currently conducting this experiment in order to see what conditions soldiers experienced while on the Eastern Front. Thousands of Germans have died from hypothermia.…show more content…
After five hours of sitting in the ice water, and their temperature has dropped to 25 degrees celsius, that’s when we begin rewarming them. Most of the patients have lost consciousness or died when their body hits this temperature. The patients have been foaming at the mouth, writhing in pain, and losing consciousness during these experiments. Medical Report #4: Heating Experiments (1) One method of heating freezing victims is to place them in hot water and slowly increase the temperature of the water. This has proved to be the most effective way even though many of the victims have died from the shock of the water heating up too quickly. All of the patients that we have used have pleaded to stop and cried out in pain. So far, none of the doctors or patients have attempted to stop the experiments from happening. Everything has been running smoothly because there have been no protests or rebellions, everyone has just been letting these events happen. Medical Report #5: Heating Experiments

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