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Memorizing medical terminology can be difficult; you need to understand the body’s system, recognize root words that are commonly used, and learn to spell complicated medical terms. If you use methods such as examples, pictures, flash cards, even games, it could help you learn and memorize faster. A website that I have found useful for learning medical terminology is Khan Academy. Their mission is: “…to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.” They use instructional videos and offer practice exercises, along with flash cards. You have your own profile, so you can go back and look at the videos you watched, view badges you received, the kinds of practice quizzes you completed, and what kind of projects you can start or ones that you have already completed. Not only can high school/college students use this website, it is great for kids that are in elementary school and are having trouble with math or science. Khan academy uses badges to motivate you to keep going. The more badges you get the more points you receive. I find that it is very user friendly, and the look of it is very simple and modern. No flashy colors, but colors that are in a way calming and not over powering. There are no advertisements popping up, which can be very distracting. In contrast with Khan Academy I found Quizlet. When you…show more content…
I like the fact that you can watch video tutorials for almost all subjects, practice with quizzes and test yourself with flashcards. The tutorials that Khan Academy provides you have excellent examples, and explain the topics well. Memorizing medical terminology starts with understanding the root word, and prefixes, in addition to knowing how the body functions. Khan Academy also tutors in Biology, Chemistry, along with Psychology and Sociology, and more. All those subjects are important in learning medical terminology, because they are all

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