Medical Tourism In India

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Medical tourism
Though medical tourism is a very traditional and old concept, yet in the recent years it has gained popularity across the globe at a very high momentum. The term Medical Tourism refers to the form of tourism which allows citizens belonging to highly developed countries to travel abroad and receive a wide variety of medical services in that country. It refers to a concept in which people travel from their native place/home country to another country for availing high quality cost effective health care services Medical Tourism, also connoted as health tourism or global health care explains the growing trend of international travel by citizens of various countries to avail world class medical care. It aims not only at providing
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Discuss the key challenges faced by the industry and mentions the initiatives taken by the government for promoting medical tourism in India. The information regarding the research work has been taken from various web sites, travel and tourism magazines, newspapers, related published research. The key attractions in India which provide competitive advantages to India over other countries and because of which it is more successful in promoting medical tourism than other countries. Lastly, it gives some recommendations which must be followed by the country to make the industry grow to its optimum…show more content…
Prior to this, the Indian government did not allow consecutive visits to foreign travelers particularly travelers from Gulf countries. These travelers needed to maintain a two-month gap between consecutive visits but recently the Indian government has introduced a scheme viz. visa-on-arrival scheme which allows the tourists from selected countries to stay in India for 30 days for medical reasons. 2.Many privately owned healthcare institutes in India have hired language translators so that the patients from various countries particularly from African countries do not face any hurdle in receiving their medical treatment.The facility of language translators keeps the international patients in the comfort zone as they are able to express their problems easily and at the same time are able to understand the prescription and treatment given by the doctor. 3.The Govt.has also made provision of support services of accommodation and transportation along with medical services so that the goal of maximum growth and development of
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