Medical Wisdom Challenged By A Cocktail Summary

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In Jay Hardy article, “Medical Wisdom Challenged by a Cocktail” analyzes the discovery of the real cause of gastric ulcers. Also, he talked about Marshall’s struggle trying to prove his theory in an outrageous way. Most scientists thought the cause of stomach ulcers before Warren and Marshall’s discovery were stress, excess acid, and eating spicy food. However, German scientists researched that a spiral-shaped bacterium inhabited that was lining of the human stomach, but they couldn’t culture the organism. So, the research on stomach ulcers were forgotten. In 1981,Barry Marshall had a theory for the cause of duodenal and gastric ulcers. Scientist didn 't believed him, so he decided to drink a bacterial cocktail to prove his theory was right. Although, he became very sick and severed from nausea, Marshall took an endoscopy which revealed inflammatory signs of gastritis and the presence of H. pylori. Marshall results proved that H.…show more content…
Researchers have to provide abundances of accurate information for scientists to belief their theory. Therefore, theories take a long time to be accepted in the scientific community. In fact, Marshall and Warren’s theory took twelve years. Yet, it was easily accepted that stomach ulcers were caused by stress, excess acid, or eating spicy foods with lack of evidence. Scientists accepted any reasonable theory that was best at the time because nothing can be proved absolutely. One thing that Warren and Marshall might have done differently to have their theory accepted quickly is better communication. When Warren and Marhall presented their theory, scientist wanted good evidence and explanations, however, the researchers didn 't provided them. The researchers didn 't know how to explain their theory which lead to nobody believing them. Scientists didn’t want to accept a theory with dreadful explanations. If Warren and Marshall had better communication skills, their theory would’ve been accepted

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