Medication Adherence Reflection

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Medication Adherence Reflective Writing
Shaymous Juhnke
As a P1 student in SDSU’s pharmacy program one of the activities required to prepare us for real world pharmacy practice would be to take part in a medication adherence simulation. The goal of this activity is to put ourselves in the patients shoes to get an idea about how patients adhere to their regimens in the real world. Through this activity I have learned that it is not always easy to take medications at the right times.
For this assignment I was required to take warfarin 2 mg tabs by mouth on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, and on all other days two tablets at 4 PM. The other drug I needed to take was metoprolol tartrate 25 mg tablets twice daily with food. During this assignment
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Most people are not educated about the how and why their drugs work, so it could be easy for them to not take it for reasons such as they don’t directly feel the benefits of their medications, they are having adverse reactions but are not mentioning them to anybody, or they can’t remember to take all of their medications at the right times. I think one of the biggest factor could be remembering to take the medication at the right time, but also in my case my medications were not treating real problems so it was easy for me to forget. A patient may feel the same way, because their disease state may have not progressed to a state where the symptoms are not severe enough to make a change in the patients thinking. During consultation with a patient it is important to ask the right open-ended questions when doing a medication review. Instead of asking, “are you taking all of your medication at the proper times?” A better way to ask would be, “how are you taking your medications?”, and allowing the patient to explain how in their own terms. After asking this question it would also be a good follow up point to ask what issues they may be having with their medications. In practice we would be able to pull up that patents medication fill history and see how often they are picking up their medications at the right times and we would be able to discuss any further issues with that patient at that

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