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Reflection on Medication Administration Description (Competency 3j) I have looked over my moral development regarding medicine administration and have noticed there is the need for improved and has been agreed with my mentor to write a piece of reflection to identify areas of concern Feelings One of the major concern is the pace of dispensing and the time spent used to open charts and allocate them is one of my weakness. Although I am learner I need to back up the pace of dispensing so that patient doesn 't feel my skills is dull or boring and waste of time. I Had developed that feeling of being extra careful to avoid drug error and that makes me feel slightly nervous more also being under the influence of supervision as well. Evaluation …show more content…

As a student, one of my competency to achieved to become a professional nurse is medication administration. Since medication error can kill, there is the need to be vigilant at all time in dispensing under supervision. I have managed to disperse quite a few times but occasionally get muddled with the whole process by doing little errors and the pace at which I administer needs to be faster due to factor of time and the amount of patient lined up for medication. I have noticed some errors that needs to back up all the time. I have discussed with my mentor {and all areas of weakness have been recognized as a great opportunity for improving my experience in medication administration. I have also read about methods of administration which some literature provides evidence of 5Rs and others give as much as 10RS. Whichever way of dispensing the initial 5RS is the basic for individual to familiarize. There are other things that needs to be considered such as washing hands prior to administering, check the drug chart, the right patient, right drug, right route, right amount/dosage, the history or background record of the patient, allergy or intolerance}, the right education provided to the patient, documenting as given, documenting refusal and right evaluation. On the other hand, I need to have that self-awareness of which patient is in the medication room and know how to talk …show more content…

Also, I should be able to order medication for patient as well as those for the patient to take home for leave or on discharge. The only lack of knowledge is {how to deal with most control drug which I would like to know much in my next placement as an ongoing objective in

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