Medication Error In Healthcare

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Medication error is not something new in healthcare service. Researchers had identified medication error is the high numbers of incidents involving nursing practice. Thus, a proper and well designed organizational system should be in place for the process of administration of medication to minimize and prevent errors. Medication happens when there is a failure in the system. To my surprise when I did the write up for this paper I had came across many clinical practice guidelines on medication safety. It had highlighted that in order to prevent medication errors, hospital organization should have an established guidelines and computer prescribe system is highly recommended. The development of guidelines involves many parties contribution such…show more content…
Hospital that had implemented this system had shown to have reduction on incidents of medication errors as well as cost effective and improved patients’ outcome. However, there are still barriers in implanting this system such as cost and lack of support from the management as well as system error. Today healthcare service is focusing on safety and the strongest point of having this system is for patient safety. Researchers had argued that by implementing this system it had remarkably increased patient safety and decreased medication errors. This system had generally gain support from doctors as they were encourage to learn to prescribe via electronically as it will help to reduce and prevent medication errors (Wang, et. al.…show more content…
This system would alert the nurse if the is any mismatching such as patient’s identity, dose or route of the medication. BCMA had also shown a remarkable reduced in medication errors by ensuring the five rights of the medication administration is done by the system (Mongan, et. al. 2008). BCMA is one of the news technologies in improving patients’ safety. It is a promising technology in the effort to reduce medication errors. BCMA had been used for quite some time in many hospitals however; just recently it had used to address patients’ safety. BCMA gives a valuable verification by ensuring that five rights are confirmed prior to medication administrations (Meadows, 2003). Used of BCMA had attributed to improved staff, patients’ satisfaction and the most important is improved patients’ safety. Thus, I would suggest and recommend my hospital management to considerate in implementing this new technology for future

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