Medication Error In Nursing Practice

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Before I discus on the potential action plans if at all there is reoccurrences on the similar incident, I would like to stress on that such incidence should not had taken place at all. I strongly believe that all the nurses including me had learned a lot from this incident and we do not wish to compromise another patient’s life by repeating the same error again. However, medication error is not something new in healthcare service. Researchers had identified medication error is the high numbers of incidents involving nursing practice. Therefore, we still need to plan as there is a saying ‘if we fail to plan then we are planning to fail’. A proper and well designed organizational system should be in place for the process of administration of…show more content…
When I read this guideline I realize my hospital don’t even have a Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) on administration of medication. I strongly believe this is one major contributing factor why the medication error took place in my practice area. A key point that I notice in this guideline is that, the nurse who is administrating medication should have knowledge especial the risk involved in this group of drugs and must have had read the guidelines on Medications…show more content…
By using this system it eliminates mistakes or errors due to illegibility, dosage and frequency as this system would alert the prescribers for attention. This system also streamlines the whole process of getting the prescription to pharmacy, dispensing and obtain refills. Implementing this system had proven to be cost saving as it improved efficiency and help nurses to have an access for information on the medication fast and easy (Potts, 2004). The time that nurses spend in clarifications had greatly reduced and this allows nurses to focus more on patient’s care. As for private hospital we do practice cost saving and by recommending this system my organization would be able to achieve cost saving as well as incentives and improved efficiency in delivering high quality and safe care for our patients.

I do know that cost would be a main barrier in getting the hospital to implement this system. However, I strongly believe that no matter how much we spend it is still nothing compare to peoples life. The reason people seek treatment from us is because they trust that healthcare providers will deliver safe care. To practice safe medicine is indeed the core for any healthcare organization. I witness an event that could have been avoided, and till today I cannot even get it out of my
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