Medication Errors: A Case Study

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The prevention of medication errors is a process that should involve all staff in the emergency department. Yes, it is the registered nurse (RN) that administers the medication. However, patient safety is a concern in which all staff can assist. According to Kim and Bates (2013) medication errors represent one of the major concerns in patient safety. The process of medication administration first starts when the RN receives the order. From there the nurse must use the Pxysis dispensing system to obtain the medication. The problems noted in the emergency department (ED) at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center (FHMMC) has been distractions while the nurse is obtaining and preparing the medications. The issue is the Pxysis systems in the ED are not in closed rooms, they are located in the open at the nursing stations. This issue allows distractions while the nurse is obtaining the medications from the Pxysis. The paper will propose a plan to establish a safety zone for the Pxysis and medication preparation. Implementation Plan…show more content…
The proposed plan will be a safety zone for each Pyxsis station in the ED. Along with the safety zone a mandatory training session for all ED staff will be implemented to educate on the purpose of the safety zone. As part of the safety zone there will also be a flyer developed to place in each ED room on the “white” board explaining the safety zone for patient’s and visitors. The PICO question developed for this practicum is: What evidence-based practices should be included in a plan to reduce distraction by ED nurses during the medical
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