Hospital Medication Errors

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Introduction There is no use denying the fact that the sphere of medicine is one of the most important spheres which guarantee existence of human society and mankind. Since ancient times it helped to cure different diseases and protect the life of people. Going along with society, it has achieved a great progress and modern specialists in the sphere of medicine are able to do a lot of things which save lives of patients and help them to recover. Thus, unfortunately, even this progress is not the guaranty of the absence of mistakes which lead to the death of a patient. Medication mistakes nowadays is one of the main reasons of deaths in hospitals. About 1,5 million Americans are injured by this issue (Anderson, 2010) and it costs $3,5 billion…show more content…
The paper is based on the information connected with the functioning of Springfield Central Hospital (disguised name). The reason of this choice lies in the fact that this organization implemented the new technology in its functioning which main purpose was to help to get rid of nagging problem of medication errors (Spector, 2012). That is why a computerized physician order entry (CPOE) system was implemented in the functioning of the hospital in order to solve the existing…show more content…
There is no use denying the fact that the human factor is one of the main reasons of the appearance of medication errors in the healthcare sector. That is why, it is possible to assume that some efforts aimed at the decrease of the level of negligence and inaccuracy among the stuff could be rather beneficial (Hospital Errors are the Third Leading Cause of Death in U.S., and New Hospital Safety Scores Show Improvements Are Too Slow, 2013). First of all, more attention should be given to prescriptions which are ordered to a patient as it is one of the main sources of medication errors. Moreover, it is possible to recommend to increase the skills in computer as the failure of CPOE could also be taken as the evidence of poor attainments. The system could have helped in case the stuff would be able to use it
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