Medication Errors In Nursing

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A Medication error is defined as any preventable event that may cause or lead to inappropriate medication use or patient harm while the medication is under the control of the health care professional, patient, or consume. Therefore, any form of error that arrives within the healthcare system is deemed unacceptable. Now by understanding what a medication error entails, nurses are better able to place emphasis on how to prevent medication errors. It is important to prevent as many errors as possible when administering medications. Hospitals that accommodate high numbers of medication errors receive less funding and support by fellow agencies. These factors can cause hospitals to increase in failure rates year by year. Failure to prevent medication errors also places the patients at risk of injury, which places a nurse 's license in jeopardy. There are no good benefits that come along with medication errors being present. This can cause nurses to fail at their duties, and places local hospitals in jeopardy. Identify safety and quality issues involved in medication administration. Any error that resides within the process of drug ordering or prescription, dispensing, preparing the medicine, administering or monitoring will be concluded as an safety error in medication. Yet, these errors are not always caused by they nurse. Studies show that, “Physicians were responsible for 72% of errors in a study of medication errors in pediatric practice.” (Elden, N. M. K., & Ismail, A.
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