Medication Errors In Nursing Literature Review

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INTRODUCTION Medication error occurs frequently in the world. Across Malaysia, 2572 cases of medication errors were reported and it was identified as the main adverse event issue that impacted patient outcomes in 2009 (New Straits Times 16 March 2010, p, 23). According to Fathi et al. (2014) a number of studies have reported the prevalence of medication errors in the ICU, but limited evidence is available regarding the cause(s) of these errors and whether these causes differ from those outside the ICU. Critically ill patients admitted to an ICU experience, on average, 1.7 medical errors each day, and many patients suffer a potentially life-threatening error during their stay (Rothchild et al. 2005). According to Pronovost, Thompson & Holzmueller, (2005) medication errors are the most common type of error and account for 78% of serious medical errors in the ICU. There is evidence in the literature that although nurses may be capable of administering medication yet their performance in practice may be affected by factors of medication errors. Literature may determine the contributing factors of medication errors (Al-Syara’, 2012). A review of the literature by Johari, Shamsuddin, Idris & Hussin, 2013 described heavy workload, complicated orders, new staff, personal neglect and unfamiliarity with medication as factors contributing to medication error among nurses in one government hospital. Nurses’ proper and appropriate function of reporting on medication errors will prevent

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