Medication Persuasive Speech

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The world has made loads of advances in medication since its invention in 3000 B. C.
Medication has shaped society and built the grounds for modern health and technology, and today plenty of people would not be able to live without medication.
Time before medication was absolute mayhem. Although it was known as the Golden Age, this time is history was not golden at all. In this time when you are born you are very unhealthy and under nourished and likely to die at the age of 10. Women in this time worked hard and were very unhealthy. Their babies were also likely to die of serious illnesses. People of this time also went to war knowing if they got cut or scratched that it could get infected and they would die of infection. The earliest known record of medication is dated back to around 3000 B. C. in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians used medical concoctions and remedies to fight disease. The Egyptians also preformed simple surgeries by guessing what was wrong with the patient. Hippocrates is considered the father of medicine in Greece. Hippocrates was the first to do chest surgery and also first to classify diseases. He also invented the Hippocratic Oath that doctors
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A majority of medications today do not treat illnesses but instead ease the symptoms. This is a problem because a person who is not feeling well or who is in varying amounts of pain can take medication and not feel the need to seek medical attention. The person could then develop a serious illness or be blinded to an illness that is already present. Another downside to modern medication is that a lot of medication in circulation is untested and potentially dangerous. This kind of medication can cause damaging symptoms or even cause death to someone if the medication does not react well to the person. These examples are not the only ones to show the downsides of modern medication and there are a lot more if you do a little
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