Shaman's Apprentice Book Report

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• This book is about finding medicinal plants in the Amazon Rainforest to cure common diseases.
• Sometimes, Western medicines cannot cure the common diseases.
• This book was written by Mark Plotkin and it was published in 1993.
• Mark Plotkin travels to different parts of the rainforest and collect several medicinal plants for a research experiment.
• The name of the book is “Tales of a Shaman’s Apprentice.
Thesis Statement: - This book gives people an insight into medicinal plants which are found in different parts of the Amazon Rainforest.
II. Body
a) Through the Emerald Door
• Mark Plotkin followed the jaguar shaman into the jungle and they were in the jungle for three days.
• He was being called the pananakiri which means the
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• He had a guide who is named Fritz Von Toon and he spoke Sranan tongo which is the local language of Suriname. Fritz also spoke broken English.
• They came upon a tree which is a member of the legume family with thick roots and Fritz said that the name of the tree is agrobigi which means it grows big. The bark is brewed into a tea and it is used to treat fevers.
• They found a triangle-shaped leaves of the mispel herb which is eaten to treat gonorrhea. They also found a green, heart-shaped leaves of a fragile little herb which is called Konsaka wiwiri and it is used as a treatment for headache and athlete’s foot.
d) Under the Double Rainbow
• When he came to Paramaribo, the capital city of Suriname in December 1982, the country is in a civil war. During the day the streets were empty and during the night the streets were filled with gunshots. He found a small airstrip in the western suburb of the city.
• When he landed in the city, the male Indians surrounded the plane and stared at him through the window. Many of the little boys touched the hair on his arm which they had never seen before. The pilot gave him some advice which was staying away from the women and he also said that he will see him in two
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