Medicine And Magic In African American Culture

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First of all, slaves used elements of medicine and magic from African cultures in their everyday lives by using them whenever they felt a fever coming on or the slaves would use it for protection. Many slaves used magic and medicine for prayer and their way of for healing; treat their illness from their body and soul. Medicine and magic were used when the slaves would get together and do spiritual rituals on their masters. They would also use it as healing power, most of them are leaves, roots and bark. When the slaves would use this remedy it would cause less physical and emotional stress. These elements were also used for healing baths and it controlled the head, body, and dreams. However, the slaves used these remedies to put inside of the food because it gives them strength for their body. Slaves mostly used medicine and magic when the women were becoming pregnant. Medicine and magic could be viewed as a bad thing for those who don’t understand their traditions but, after reading the passage I believe that we should accept every culture beliefs and traditions because other people might not understand your culture, and they might judge yours but if you want others to respect your culture you would have to do the same as well.
In addition, African American music had much incredible influence on American mainstream and culture. Most African American songs can be best represented as when all the Africans would get together, and make songs that made them happy, and the

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