Medicine Bag Research Paper

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Time moves on and generations pass, and each of those generations have a different outlook on the world and what is crucial to them as human beings. While certain values can and should change, other values give stability to life and prosperity to all people. Each culture, country, or person may interpret these statements differently, molding them to their own unique life and challenges. While some may lose sight of a way to live a life that brings good to all people, the beholder of this medicine bag and everyone he encompasses should share this knowledge with the world. The bag isn’t a way of seeing the world, but a way of living. Not specific to our family, but necessary for all people.

Included in this medicine bag I have included a
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In life you should make an honest effort in everything that you do, you can’t accidentally climb a staircase because you have to put effort into taking each step up. Effort, is not something that you can come across, it is something you have to put forward yourself. When someone truly is devoted to what he or she is doing, it is easily recognizable through the honest effort that they make to finish the task. You can see this through their determination and work habits, not just through the final project. The same is true for when someone doesn’t give their true best. Effort, doesn’t mean that you have to be the best at something, or that you like doing it, it means that you care about your work and everything you encounter so much that you always strive to do what you can. In generations forward, due to technology, they may think that they don’t need to put work in themselves to get things done, but in reality the world can’t work if no one puts their best foot forward and gets their hands dirty (either literally or…show more content…
Music is a way to express ideas about current events in a creative but functional way. How we express ourselves is a large part of our culture. Culture shapes music, just as much as music shapes culture. When, I’m not here, music needs to be carried on and be still be made. For future generations, making music and sharing how they feel with the world can change their people’s ideals, values, or beliefs. Music makes you feel something, and that’s something that makes it unique and necessary to pass on. Each era has its own art form, and art is so captivating. A drawing or painting is a little window into the past, someone’s life, or what the artist wishes for the future. Making something tangible that represents something hypothetical is a skill that all people no matter how far down the line they are should have. All people need creative ways to express themselves that benefit society and change the way we view the
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