Medicine During The Elizabethan Era

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Physicians, and Medicine During the Elizabethan Time The Elizabethan time period was from 1558 through 1603 known as the Renaissance. During the Renaissance there was not any running water, so people would have to throw their waste in the streets. With people’s waste in the street came many illnesses including The Plague. Even a minor scrap could kill you in the next minute. When people got sick they needed medicine, physicians, and health care. In the late 1500 there was not a great deal medican, there was mostly just spiritual analysis. One of the key figures of the medical world was Andreas Vesalius who became Professor of surgery and anatomy at the University of Padua, when he was only twenty three. In most detail Vesalius showed that…show more content…
There was no running water, they would have to use pumps. The waste would be pumped into nearby rivers. Elizabethan medicine was basic, to say the least. Letting blood was conducted by cupping or leaches. Pains were treated in all different ways. Head pains were treated with sweet smelling herbs such as rose, lavender, sage and bay. Stomach pains were treated with wormwood, mint and balm. Amputations were performed by surgeons the ‘stump’ was cauterized with a pitch. Wounds were treated with vinegar as a cleaning agent and it was believed it would kill the disease. Typhoid, broken bones, wound, abscesses and fractures were treated in unsanitary environments.Child bearing and possible cabin fever was dangerous. Women made arrangements for the care of their children incase they died during…show more content…
Including certain time periods like: The Plague which helped the europeans improve medication to be able to heal people. I learned great deal of interesting facts during this essay. During the Elizabethan time period people mostly believed in spiritual healing and not drugs. I enjoyed learning about spiritual healers and how people were treated during the plague. Not only did people suffer from the symptoms of the plague,but they also suffered from being split from their family and friends. All in all I loved learning about the Elizabethan time period were they really didn’t have any medicine or doctors yet, and how the people of Europe

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