Medicine In Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt did a lot of medical research to get us where we are today, they studied the human anatomy and body systems to develop further knowledge. During a Dynasty IV also know as Ancient Egypt 's golden age was a time of peace and prosperity. Dynasty IV took place from 2613 to 2494 BC in Ancient Egypt. At this time art, medicine and technology was thriving. The invention of medicine and surgery in the Ancient Egypt and all of the new techniques did not only influence Egypt 's civilization, it influenced civilizations all over the world, some medical inventions are still used today. While this time of peace and prosperity and medical advancements many other things were occurring in Egypt. The government at the time was theocracy,…show more content…
Medicine is used in many different ways and in many different places in Egypt.
Egyptians used drugs to treat their patients, the drugs included plants, animals and minerals. Medicine was used to treat patients and to heal any wounds someone might need. It is important to know how the product was used so we know the invention was invented for a reason. Overall medicine was used in so many different ways and in every way it was used was effective.
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Egypt was very successful in the medical force and their practices, so effective that we use many of their techniques today. Everyday when someone takes medicine or gets prescribed medicine it is a huge possibility that it might have came from Ancient Egypt. Approximately 700 drugs were developed in Egypt. Egyptians also invented adhesive tape which they used to close wounds. Later in the nineteenth century European doctors began using adhesive tape to close wounds, but adhesive tape didn 't stop in the nineteenth century. Adhesive tape is still used today in modern hospitals all over the world. Adhesive tape is used now to hold together wounds and to wrap around a sprain or to cover up stitches. If someone was to look at the ingredients in a drug you would probably see honey in a lot of them. The idea of honey to help an illness was invented by the Egyptians. Honey was one of the most popular drug used in Egypt. They also believed that honey cured a sore throat, this is why when we are sick we put honey in our tea. The Egyptian thought that honey also prevented bacterial growth. A research study proved this, researchers found a 2,500 year old sample of honey inside of a tomb, and they found no sign of decay or bacterial growth. I mentioned in a different paragraph about bamboo disposable blades. We still use disposable blades today, although the blades we use today are not made out of bamboo, we still got the idea from the Egyptians. The impact of all of these
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