Medicine In The 1800's Essay

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Advances of medicine in the 1800`s .Did you know over 50% of medicine was developed in the 1800`s. Starting in the 1800`s was Sir Humphry Davy who announces the anesthetic properties of nitrous oxide, although dentists do not begin using the gas as an anesthetic for almost 45 years. This discovery helped many people who went to the dentist or any type of procedure nitrous oxide is known to most people as laughing gas. Laughing gas or if you 're trying to be fancy nitrous oxide is one of the most known things you can talk about in the 1800`s. Sir Humphrey Davy was a chemist in the 1800`s who later was known for inventing laughing gas. He worked for a surgeon at age 19 then went to Bristol to study science. There he investigated gases. He…show more content…
Medicine became the new normal in the 1800`s which produced new people who invented things, new ideas , new outlets of inventions and a discovery of new medicine which benefits us to this day . Many of the scientist I mentioned played a role in all these changes.Which today we need to learn to appreciate.I believe if some of these things didn 't happen we wouldn 't be as healthy and appreciative.Also I don 't believe doctors would know what they were doing to cure people.The different medicines in society to this day were because of many years ago.Furthermore we don 't even recognize the value of these scientist. Advances in medicine in the 1800`s occurred when scientist were coming together to create what we use in the future.In 1897, Heinrich Dreser of the German pharmaceutical company, Bayer, who had just that same year invented aspirin, came up with what we know as today, the drug Heroin. Dreser believed that aspirin was harmful to a body trying to get better from an illness as it had an effect on the heart. It is the reason why many cardiologists recommend an Aspirin a day to their heart patients
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