Essay About Medical Science

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Introduction Have you ever thought about the mystery of medicine? Medicine is a unique major, it is not just like any other major, it is more as a life saver, changer, and protector. The study of medicine is very exciting, as the medical students study everything in the human body including its cells, tissues, organs and organ systems and how these organ systems combine and work together to make the whole human body that appears to us. The college of medicine will graduate doctors who have the knowledge to help patients to get rid of their pains and have the communication and interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with them. There are two points of views about medicine, either it is a science or it is an art. Medicine…show more content…
This science is very complicated, as the human body is very complex, as it starts out as a single cell which is fertilized egg which divides endlessly forming millions of cells which then specialized for particular functions. Physicians should have this knowledge as the object of medical science is to study diseases and should be trained on how to use them in the clinical practice and in diagnosing and treatment of diseases of patients. For example, if the physician is outgoing with good communication skills, so he can create an effective relationship with his patients. As a result of this, he will know them as a person, not as a doctor and he can give them the desire to live. But if he does not have the knowledge, so he cannot help his patients in getting rid of their pains by diagnosing of diseases, he can only communicate well with them. Accordingly, this will not benefit patients a lot, as patients go to meet the doctor if they have a pain not to communicate with them. So having the science and the knowledge in medicine is very important. Therefore, we can say that medicine is
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