Medicine Werx Slogan Analysis

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Medicine Werx – An artist-driven, wooden eyewear and lifestyle apparel company.

Public Profile
Medicine Werx – Artist and Socially Conscious Eyewear
Before you can change the world, you have to make a change for yourself. That’s why we created Medicine Werx, a visionary eyewear company with an environmental and social conscience.

Our natural wood sunglasses combine art and social consciousness, giving us the edge and appeal to make a difference. We use the most environmentally responsible materials to make our shades, because we believe in a more sustainable future.

We’re also planning to expand our product line to include Fair Trade Certified and organic Medicine Werx apparel. Our team wants to give our customers the opportunity to dress
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The answer is simple. Medicine Werx.

The Medicine Werx Solution
The Medicine Werx uses a model that resonates with the philosophy of anarchy. We believe that if people are reprogrammed to support socially conscious and environmentally sustainable companies, we can finally begin to break free from generations of destructive social practices.

Our slogan "vision for a better tomorrow..." is not just something we thought sounded cool. We challenge ourselves to make a positive impact on communities all around the world. Medicine Werx harnesses the wisdom and intelligence of our great revolutionaries and ancient civilizations to produce high fashion and offer an imprint of deep thought. We come from a long history of living active lifestyles and expressing ourselves alternatively through music, dance, art, and travel. We bring you Medicine Werx. A reflection of the human desire to go against the norm and embrace what is unique about ourselves.

From start to finish, every pair of Medicine Werx wood sunglasses are handcrafted with a unique love. All of our frames are made from wood harvested from sustainably managed sources and we use the finest CR39 Polarized
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Currently, our glass are made in China in a small family-owned factory; however, we would like to move manufacturing to the US in the future.

To offset our carbon footprint and reverse the ecological effect of our product, we have partnered with Trees for the Future to plant 10 trees for every pair of shades we sell. We have already planted over 18,400 trees since starting in July 2014.

The Medicine Werx Difference
At Medicine Werx, we take pride in going through great lengths to offer you the highest-quality wooden eyewear. Every Medicine Werx product incorporates the most comfortable, fashionable and durable technology, while staying true to our environmental and social values.

• Artist-Driven Products – Our shades have creative engravings and designs are uniquely created by our artists.
• Polarized Lenses – Our wooden eyewear comes standard with the finest impact resistant, CR39, UV 400 Polarized lenses.
• Spring Loaded Hinges – Our Natural Collection seals the deal with stainless steel spring loaded hinges to maximize comfort for people of all

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