Medieval Art Similarities And Differences Essay

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DIFFERENCES: During the medieval period in Europe everyone was pretty much depressed. The art during the medieval period was very two dimensional, dark, and the people were covered up and shown as weak. Their art was being focused on how weak people were, and how strong God was. It also focused on how far away from God people were. During the renaissance the art would focus on the human body, and how well built it is. Their art also would show how close people were to God, shown in the Creation of Adam. In this painting, it shows how close to God we are. Adam’s strength represents inner strength with God. Their art would also show how perfect we are because we were made in His image. Some of the artists from the Renaissance were sponsored by the Medici family. Botticelli, Leonardo, and Michelangelo were sponsored by Lorenzo, and were under his protection. The statues that were made during the renaissance are great examples of humanism. The David, sculpted by Michelangelo, was sculpted to look strong, brave and perfect, even though his right hand is oversized. Paintings also have impacted their worldview, Birth of Venus, painted by botticelli, is a great example, during the Medieval period a painting like that would never have been painted because Venus is mostly naked. Another difference is that Leonardo Da Vinci (the Renaissance man, who was sponsored by Lorenzo) ripped open bodies of dead people to find out more about the human body. In…show more content…
The church stayed the same with the indulgences, which were considered a ticket to heaven, if you didn’t get an indulgence you were going to go to hell. Some other similarities would be the fact that women were looked down on. Although the Renaissance was the start of gender equality, they didn’t give any education to women, and so they couldn’t get any

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