Medieval Artist Job Essay

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Having the job of an artist in the Middle Ages was quite complicated. Artists were considered peasants and just being a peasant in general was hard and dangerous. One reason why their life was hard is,artist didn’t go to school for art. They had to teach themselves.Women did whatever their husband/lord pleased. This made their lives difficult. Another reason why their life was complicated is, their personal hygiene wasn’t the most impressive, they only washed themselves twice a year. Personal hygiene was better than the perception. Let alone peasants didn’t have much options to what they got to eats. Most of the time in the Medieval ages people enjoyed drinking beer, ale, and sometimes water. Peasants Usually lived in cruck houses. The houses…show more content…
Most of the time artists got some of their supplies from the dyer. Often the dyer and artists would trade or share supplies. Another reason why my job wasn’t easy medieval people weren’t much educated but artists learned more toward religion. Especially in the beginning of the Middle ages the population of uneducated people. Another reason why their work wasn’t as easy, when you were an artist you didn’t really make much money at all. Most of the artists did religious artwork. Basically my job was characterized by iconographic painting illustrations of biblical scenes. In conclusion, artist job weren’t as easy as you thought you were. Even though artist’s life was complicated, the Middle Ages was a very interesting time period. In fact, during the medieval ages marriage was quite simple. Usually women didn’t have a choice who they married. However sometimes men were able to pick their brides. Husbands and wives were strangers until they first met. Throughout Sundays peasants were allowed to rest and go to church. They really weren’t sure about the different types of diseases because doctors were inexperienced. Most of the time the peasants had to deal with not being healed when they were sick or hurt. On the other hand royalty paid extra for the doctors to help them. Therefore life in the Middle Ages time period was complicated and hard but can be very
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