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Cathedrals of the Middle Ages had to spread their message to all kinds of people. Both believers and non-believers as well as people capable of reading and the illiterate. The church had to find a way to ensure that everyone who came to a Cathedral- no matter where they were in their faith or reading capabilities, could at least grasp the main ideas and teachings of Christianity. For those who could not read, which was the majority of the people who visited the Cathedrals, the message of Christianity was expressed in visual form. Art made from stone or glass and the like were used to illustrate Christian teachings by having this art built or added into the Cathedrals.

Lots of great biblical teachings were represented through stone art. These were mainly found on the outside of the churches. One very famous Cathedral known for it’s stone art was the Autun Cathedral in Burgundy. The art displayed on the front of Autun tells the story of the “Last Judgement.” Jesus is a large figure at the center of the scene. To His right are those who have entered or will enter heaven. Angels are blowing the
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Therefore, Cathedrals were endowed with stone and glass art that displayed the major teachings and ideas of the church. No matter how much education, amount of money, or ability to understand language, the visual teachings were applicable and comprehensible to all. This art was not only able to teach of Christianity, but was also able to evoke good and bad feelings inside those who viewed the images. Without visual representations, there would have been thousands of people who would not have come to the Lord. The message of Christ would not have spread since it was not being taught in way that was universally understandable. Though visual depictions of biblical teachings may not seem like they would have much of an impact, it made all the difference in the Middle

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